5 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Own

Whether you are a Carrie Bradshaw or a Miradna Hobbs, having at least 5 types of heels for women in your shoedrobe is quite a necessity. The women’s shoes are classy and elegant footwear that can instantly elevate even the most basic looks. They can make you look glamorous or polished, depending on the choice of attire.

Nowadays, women own multiple pairs of heels to wear on different occasions, and Mochi offers you the perfect shopping exposé. So, get your hands on some of the most wonderful types of heels for women by browsing our listings right away!

How Many Types of Heels for women are there?

No matter what style of heels you wear, they always look chic and sophisticated. They vary in build, construction, and style, but do not fail to give you a classy look. Let us take a look at the various types of heels for women on the online catalogue of Mochi Shoes:

1. Platform Heels

Platform heels for women look chunky and stylish as they are broad in the frontal part of the footwear. You can rest your toes and walk around comfortably. These types of heel shoes are very distinctive and bold. You can confidently flaunt your fit while wearing them.

2. Block Heels

These types of heel sandals have a block heel, as the name suggests. Some block heels for women are thick, while others are thin. They also vary in shape, depending on the style of the heel. Block heels look the best in plain, glossy colours like yellow, light green, orange, sky blue, etc. But colours like black, tan and white can also make a great addition to your wardrobe.

3. Stilettos

These types of high heels are a favourite of many fashionistas. They have a pointy heel and a very sleek design. Stilettos make your legs look taller and your feet look smaller. Mochi Shoes offers a plethora of stilettos for women to choose from.

4. Wedges

Wedge heels for women are super cool and trendy. They have a unique shape and look best in colours like tan, beige, and brown. These shoes experience an inclination around the middle, reaching a much larger height at the heel for a stylish curve. Find a variety of wedges for women on the online store of Mochi Shoes.

5. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are made for girls or women who have just started to wear heels. These types of heels allow you to practise walking in heels before wearing ones with a high elevation. They look adorable when embellished with motifs or floral designs. Find a large selection of kitten heels for women on the online platform of Mochi Shoes.

All these types of heel shoes are very popular, and they should definitely be present in every woman’s shoedrobe. You can find a wide variety of them on Mochi Shoes if you wish to buy a few pairs for yourself.

What can I Wear with Different Types of Heels?

You can have a bunch of stylish apparel in your wardrobe and still get confused about which heels to pair them with. Do not worry; it is completely normal. We are here to guide you through a few combinations you can make with various types of heels.

1. A Top and Jeans with Stilettos

In order to bring elegance to a casual outfit, you can wear a plain white full-sleeve top with blue denim jeans and pair them with brown or tan stilettos. You can even carry a purse of the same colour and black sunglasses to accessorise.

2. A Shirt and Skirt with Block Heels

Picking an outfit that looks professional and fashionable that can be challenging. In such a situation, you can go for a full-sleeve striped shirt, a black high-waist knee-length skirt, and white block heels. You can wear this to office parties.

3. A Coat Dress with Wedge Heels

One of the most confusing moments in our life is deciding what to wear to a party. For informal occasions, you can pair off-white wedge heels with a trench coat dress of the same colour. Accessorise it with a silver watch and sunglasses with a white frame.

4. A T-shirt and Skirt with Kitten Heels

To make a cute and sweet impression among your peers, you can pick an outfit that helps you express it. For an adorable look, wear a yellow pencil skirt with a knotted T-shirt of any colour and pair them with purple kitten heels.

5. A Top and Shorts with Platform Heels

We all have that one versatile outfit in our wardrobe that works for any occasion. If you do not, let us help you. Opt for an oversized beige top with shorts of the same colour and pair them with black platform heels to look elegant in all situations.

Shop for Various Types of Heels on Mochi Shoes

Mochi Shoes offers diversity in the types of heels displayed on its online outlet. With that said, you can choose the ones that suit your personality the most. Moreover, the delivery service of Mochi Shoes ensures that your package reaches you swiftly and safely. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and order yourself some of the most wonderful types of heels!


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