5 Types of Shoes for Men to Wear on Various Occasions

You will have to walk through several difficult paths in your life; you might as well put on some good shoes while at it. With that said, it can be difficult to select the right kind of shoes for different occasions. These days, people care a lot about what they wear on their feet. Men especially, have a huge liking towards footwear. Most men are sneakerheads and some of them even have a shoe collection in their home.

The modern man is much more self-conscious of his appearance as he embraces the evolutionary advancements in fashion. Looking dapper from head to toe, he exuberates confidence and showcases his personality to achieve great heights. Today, there is a massive variety of outfits, fashion accessories and types of shoes for men that can make you look breathtaking.

Nowadays, there is a lot of diversity regarding the types of shoes for men. The footwear offered by Mochi Shoes is tailor-made for the wearer to feel optimistic and confident. So if you are an admirer of elite footwear, you have come to the right place. From brogues to moccasins and slip-ons to sneakers, you will find different types of shoes for men right here on our online store.

Types of Shoes Every Man Should Get his Hands on

This article will discuss the different types of men’s shoes and their unique traits to help you find the ideal footwear. Mochi offers a large selection of casual, formal, ethnic, and many other types of shoes for men to wear on various occasions.

Casual Shoes for Men

Casual shoes such as Crocs, slippers and loafers are great options for everyday wear. You can pair them with a loose, thin Hawaiian shirt and knee-length shorts to hang out with your friends in the neighbourhood.

Casual slip-on shoes are also perfect for daily use. They are pretty comfortable, easy to put on. Fashionistas absolutely love this kind of footwear as it is convenient to slip on and look stylish at the same time. If you are going for a casual outing, you can opt for a pair of sneakers, loafers, or moccasins, depending on the outfit. Casuals are one of the most fun types of shoes for men to wear in an informal setting.

Formal Shoes for Men

Wearing elegant attires to your workplace is key to maintaining a respectable reputation. That said, you must have a shiny pair of formal shoes to complement your professional outfits. But, do not worry; we have that one covered for you. From Mochi’s broad range of several types of shoes for men, formals are the ones you should look at.

You will find a great variety of classic Oxfords to pair with a fine suit. Similarly, you can wear stylish derby shoes with a posh suit and tie. On the other hand, if you are going for a shirt and pants look, opt for a sophisticated pair of formal boots or moccasins.

Sports Shoes for Men

Out of the various types of shoes for men, these are a popular choice of footwear. Whichever sport it may be, many men have a liking and appreciation towards this form of entertainment. Hence, Mochi Shoes also offers an extensive collection of these bad boys. You can select from lightweight sneakers to sturdy running shoes, among the many men’s shoe types and styles in our online store.

If you work out regularly, choosing a pair of sporty slip-ons might be an excellent choice. Mochi Shoes also offers multi-sport slip-ons and sneakers for men who engage in various sports. So, browse through these special types of shoes for men to find the proper footwear for your favourite physical activities.

Party Shoes for Men

If you want everyone to turn their heads towards you when you enter the club, you need an alluring outfit with the perfect party shoes. Mochi Shoes provides variety in these types of shoes for men. We have everything from glossy derby shoes to stylish leather boots in exciting colours such as maroon, black, tan, brown, etc.

You can opt for tan party moccasins with black ankle-length trousers, a black shirt and a tan blazer. If you are the kind of man who likes wearing suits at parties, you can go for a red or maroon suit and wine-red derby shoes to complement them. Of all the types of shoes for men, party footwear is undoubtedly an excellent addition to have on your shoe rack.

Ethnic Shoes for Men

Indians love their ethnic wear and do not compromise on the quality when it comes to this style of footwear. These types of shoes for men look absolutely fantastic with the rich traditional design and unique build. Footwear like jutis, mojaris, kolhapuris and pathanis have unbelievable demand, even today. Ethnic shoes are among the most popular types of shoes for men in the country. In festivals, wear a graceful kurta-pyjama along with colourful jutis or mojaris. In grand events like weddings, you can wear a sherwani with some beautifully designed pathanis, kolhapuris or padukas.

Why Buy Men’s Shoes from Mochi Shoes?

Mochi Shoes does not compromise the quality of any of its products. Every shoe we design is of premium quality to provide comfort as well as elegance. Mochi Shoes has been in the market for a long time and has always prioritised customer satisfaction. It offers a lot of variety in the types of shoes for men. As you saw above, we have a wide selection of casual, ethnic, sports, formal and party shoes for men. Also, we offer a swift and reliable delivery service to ensure that your package reaches you quickly and safely. Browse through our online store to find more such types of shoes for men.

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