A Shoe Lover’s Guide: Exploring the 15 Types of Heels for Every Occasion

A Shoe Lover’s Guide: Exploring the 15 Types of Heels for Every Occasion


Women’s heels are a distinctly feminine footwear staple that will always be linked to fashion and glitz. As a result, a woman’s wardrobe should be filled with different types of heels. A woman wearing a high heel is undoubtedly smart and assured. She most definitely gives careful thought to every aspect of her appearance, right down to the height of her stilettos, mules, or slingbacks. Wearing heels is the epitome of power dressing, like red lips and Boss blazers. Wear pumps to the interview and the job is yours. Style kitten heels for cocktail hour – and sip the confidence. Wear appealing high heels on the first date and you are all set to feel like your best self. 

From sky-high stilettos to blocks and mules! Types of womens heels may seem like a little component of your set, they do have a significant impact. In other cases, heels even be the pulling power! Many of us are clueless when it comes to picking out the right kind of shoe for ourselves, maybe because we don’t know the various types of heels that exist, or we just don’t know them by types of heels names. There are so many different types of heels to consider, including kitten heels, soaring stilettos & so many more. So, to assist you get started, we’ve compiled types of heels and the prominent heels names and their features that will help you raise your footwear game by adding them to your recent heels collection.


The stiletto heel, which is an extremely high types of heels and not for the pigeon-hearted, lengthens the legs and is a widely sought-after shape. Many people may not be aware of this, but stilettos have been a part of fashion for a very long time and were first found in ancient Egypt. Stiletto heels are high, defined heels that are typically found on boots or pumps. Walking in skinny heels takes a little practice, but once mastered, few things are as powerful as a rising silhouette.

Style tip: A little black dress (LBD) or blazer and matching pantsuits with drop earrings is all you need to elevate your look. The heels are best suited for a 10/10 evening out.

Kitten Heels

The kitten heel has evolved from being mocked as ugly and the reverse of elegant to becoming a true must-have in the world of heels. Kitten heels look feminine and casual with everything from jeans and T-shirts to midi skirts and power suits. Considered one of the comfortable types of heels, are the ideal sorts of heels that are easy to walk in for people “on-the-go” in the city. They are below 4 inch heels and are perfect for travel or on semi-formal occasions. 

Style tip: These types of heels can be worn with a tank top and an ankle-length skirt for a 90s-inspired look or for on-the-go professionals, pair this with distressed denims and a white tee. To make it more attractive, a mid-length pencil skirt and a ruffled blouse will rock the professional work meet-up.

Block heels

Block heels (aka chunky heels) are a classic staple that is known for their low heel shape’s versatility and comfort. Every style and situation can be complemented by these types of heels sandals. Considered one of the comfortable types of heels, it has a broad, square heel that looks like a block. The wider surface area of the heel makes this type easier to walk in by spreading your body weight more evenly rather than concentrating it entirely on a small point (as with a stiletto heel).

Style tip: For your next formal lunch, pair it with a tweed skirt suit. Or pair with animal print mom jeans, a black corset top and a matching mini lilac or lavender bag for a pleasant evening look.


Slingback heels are among the classy and classic styles of heels. A slingback instantly elevates any ensemble, whether you choose to match yours with chic office wear and romantic silhouettes or go for a more daring look by wearing them with plush loungewear or practical separates. For a timeless option while establishing your collection, we advise beginning with a light neutral colour like tan, white, or tawny. Out of all the types of heels, this style has delicate straps around the heel that make shoes more supportive than others.

Style tip: A little dress for cocktail parties and dinner and a pair of printed tights. Or be it rebelliously short skirts or casual denims; this heel adds an element of sophistication.


When you search for comfortable types of heels, heeled mules are 90s trending heels that we think every lady should try. From peep-toe to closed-toe, these types of heels will instantly elevate your style & can also be found in numerous shades, inches, and varieties. If you’re new to heels or simply don’t like them, heeled mules are a must-have. Mules are recognized by their slip-on design and open back. Peep toes are also widespread, even though they are generally worn with a closed toe. They’re like slides, but with a bit more covering.

Style tip: For the sassiest denim look, you can pair your mule with a blazer and a set of stovepipe pants or rolled up mom jeans. Moving on to office attire, try these types of high heels with a tailored blazer and cigarette pants.

Ankle straps


Some are dishonest. Some are more noticeable than others. In any case, the ankle strap serves as both a fashionable and functional accent. These types of heels are available in design and personality, from adorable bow ties to sensual corset closures to classic buckle straps. With cropped trousers and calf-grazing silhouettes, they’re extremely elegant. They also lend themselves to both daytime and nighttime appearances due to their diverse wearability.

Style tip: Embrace these heels with a jacket and silk slip dress for your next professional event. Or think of this heel with calf-grazing bodycon dresses. Any short or medium length outfit will look great if paired with this heel to make a statement.

Platform heels

Even though these types of heels shoes are one of the most cozy and supportive available, platform heel can seem scary. Even while it might not be your go-to heel, it looks stunning when matched with long pants and exquisite outfits for a dramatic effect. The bigger the platform, the better it is to choose. The platform’s size will affect how short the heel seems to be. However, the desired shape is also a cult favorite due to its dramatic appearance and unique design. The thickness can range anywhere between 1-5 inches or specifically 4 inch heels.

Style tip: A business suit and a handbag in the same colour. Or just add a stylish pair of socks; patterned, sheer, and ruffled designs work well. With more options, look your best with exotic prints, matching sets, and quirky headscarves.

Pump heels

Willing to splurge on a classic wardrobe addition? If so, pump types of heels are good to go. These types of heels shoes are fittingly referred to as “court shoes” in Britain. These are lower heels than stilettos and more comfortable due to the typical 1-to-2-inch heel height. Additionally, pumps are typically found in tan hues. Pump-style heels should be at the top of your list if you want to make a strong yet elegant statement with your outfit selections.

Style tip: Pumps will add a touch of elegance to your ordinary workplace attire and offer you a carefree appearance all day long. Wear a pair of slim-fit jeans or a pencil skirt and matching knit for an office party look.

Wedge heels

These types of heels sandals known as wedges have a solid portion running from the front or middle to the back of the sole that resembles a wedge. Due to their construction materials and sturdy build quality, wedges are unquestionably at the top of the list. Most wedges have a tapered toe and a raised heel. For those who find stilettos difficult to walk in, this pair is ideal. In addition to being cozy, wedges also exude excellent style. So, wedges can be your best option if you want to dress up for a casual brunch.

Style Tip: Wedges can be worn with casual clothing, according to fashion advice. These high heels types might be a smart choice whether you’re wearing shorts, a jumpsuit, or any style of saree. In a similar vein, you could go to college every day wearing flip-flop heels.

Heeled boots

High-heeled boots have found their way into the footwear closets of many women with more refined fashion tastes. These types of heels polish shapeless coats, accent beautiful cashmere sweaters, and refine oversized knitwear while keeping us warm and fashionable. For professionals who are constantly on the run and desire the extra height without tipping over in the office, heels boots are a no-brainer. Absolutely leg-hugging and ideal for the cooler autumn and winter days are these heels.

Style Tip: On warm days, pair them with a skirt; on chilly days, pair them with long trousers. You can get creative with this sort of shoe by choosing from a choice of colours, designs, and platform sizes for your heeled ankle boots.

T-Strap Heels

T-strap heels, as the name suggests, cover the heel and toes while allowing you to showcase off a considerable amount of skin on the rest of your foot. T-strap heels have a pointed toe and a trap that extends from the middle of the toe towards the ankle. However, the finest feature of these heels is that they are ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE! T-strap heels are now regarded as a classic and come in a wide range of variants, such as patent leather, studded, and everything in between.

Style tip: T-strap heels are ideal for glamming up any mid-length skirt or dress, as well as your go-to look of jeans and a crop top. Just make sure you wear small or midi-length skirts and dresses! They can also be worn to go with professional business or evening clothes!

Flare Heels

Flare heels have a sturdy bottom and a similar thickness to platform heels. The heels on this pair are distinctive because they are small at the top and broader at the bottom. These sensible heels are wonderful enough to keep your feet happy and are ideal for wearing with a dash of elegance to project confidence. Flare heels may also be worn with any style of clothing without worrying about slipping or becoming unstable because of their sturdy bottom.

Style Tip: Flare heels paired with a corset dress, or a tiny frock will be the night’s biggest hit for your bachelorette party. This heel will also rock well with high-waisted pants and tanks. 

Lace-up Heels

Kind of like ankle straps, the lace-up can be the center of attention so they can speak for you without making any noise. These are among the timeless styles that were influenced by ballerina shoes. The laces also give your leg a voluptuous appearance in addition to that perfect fit. The best part is that there are several variations available to suit your needs, whether you need a block or a stiletto lace-up heel.

Style Tip: To complete your fashionable style, wear lace-up heels with a long skirt or blazer dress or go with printed skirt & sweatshirt. Wear some bangles on your hand and a lovely black choker to make yourself appear more attractive.

Cut-out Heels

Cut-out heels stand out from other types of heels because they have artistic cutouts that make your feet look no less than works of art. If you have a last-minute party planned and your toes are not painted, the story of the evening will be your cut-out heels, not your unpainted toes. Additionally, if you have limited space or want to gain height without constantly wearing high boots, you can wear them as everyday shoes. Your feet will appreciate it afterward!

Style Tip: Cut-out heels are a great way to glam up a bodycon dress for a night out or to spice up a plain crop top and jeans ensemble. A-line skirts and dresses also go great.

Peep toe heels

For many ladies, it’s difficult enough to wear these high heels types all day. However, most women find it intolerable when combined with a muggy summer atmosphere and stuffy leather closed-toe shoes. Presenting peep-toe heels! Peep-toe heels preserve a refined elegance while giving our feet more room to breathe and just the right amount of fresh air. Looking for the ideal enhancement for your formal attire? A gorgeously bedazzled pair will add some pizazz.

Style Tip: Consider wearing these types of heels with shorts and a tank top for a summertime style. To finish the outfit, add some statement jewelry or a striking bag. Satin gowns with pinned-up hair will also look great.

The bottom line

Reading this above article, you might have explored the types of heels names for different occasions and varied preferences. They are so many types of heels for ladies that can make women look and feel her very best. Types of womens heels should be chosen based on the style and comfort of your feet. Don’t just follow trending heels; instead, wear what you enjoy. Apart from these various types of heels for ladies, you can also choose from a wide range of different types of footwear collections like mules, bellies, loafers, and many more at Mochi store. 



What is the most popular type of heel? 

Stiletto Heel Classic and timeless, stiletto is the most popular types of heels with a thin, tapering heel that gets thinner as it reaches the floor. It can range from one inch to a sky-scraping seven or eight inches. They are usually reserved for more dressy occasions, like evenings or fancy dinners.

Are chunky heels better for your feet? 

Physicians concur that a chunkier heel provides more stability and more support. Because it offers a larger surface area to disperse your body weight across than a stiletto, these types of heels are better for your foot than a stiletto. For those who are prone to ankle sprains and have balance concerns, it is also more stable.

How do I choose the right heel size? 

The heel of the shoe should touch the skin when you stand. There shouldn’t be more than 34 to 1 centimetre of space between the skin of your heel and the heel of the shoe. This is due to the likelihood that your feet will swell and enlarge while wearing any types of heels.

Which type of heel is the most comfortable?

Some types of heels are much comfier than others when it comes to heels in general. Block heels are square and thick, making them more comfortable to walk in. Wedges are among the most comfortable heels because they evenly distribute your weight across the entire sole. Additionally, many kitten heels are short enough to be comfy.