One For Everyone: Different Types of Shoes for Women

There must be about a thousand varieties of shoes for women, with the count going on and on as new pieces keep getting added to the list. Furthermore, the sheer variety of shoes available for women can make it challenging to decide which kind to buy, especially when shopping online. But that’s not the case when you are at Mochi Shoes! In this blog, we have classified the types based on the occasion and style, hoping to help you select the right footwear for each event. Be it classics, must-haves, or trending women’s shoe styles, we have everything in one place for you. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight into the types of shoes for women. 

Different Types of Shoes for Women to Keep Your Feet Happy

Knock, knock. Who is there? It’s the different types of shoes for women! We are here to help you decide which pair of footwear to invest in for various occasions of life. Depending on your personal taste and the design of the shoes, you can pick any of the following types of ladies’ shoes at Mochi Shoes. 

A. Elevate Everyday Style with Casual Footwear

The popularity of casual footwear has immensely grown over the years as they are comfortable and versatile, so you can sport them on multiple occasions. Here are the different casual shoes for women you can bet on for various expeditions. 

1. Slip-ons: For a Comfortable Stride 

Definitely a must-have, slip-ons are among the types of shoes for women which are super easy to slide into and take off. They do not feature any fastening, making them a quick wear. Such shoes are perfectly suitable for spontaneous activities. They come in both open- and closed-toe designs.    

2. Sandals: High on Fashion, Comfort, & Support

These are an improvised version of slip-ons in which the footwear has an ankle and an in-step strap, along with a buckle fastening. This structure ensures utmost comfort and a snug fit on your feet. You will find this type of open-toe footwear in various designs, adornments, and colours. Strappy sandals with platform and block heels have been the talk of the town in 2022.  

3. Ballerinas: Flexible & Versatile

Ballerinas are rounded-toe shoes with a soft, thin, and flexible sole, offering you comfort and, above all, freedom of movement. They lend an effortless feminine grace, giving your casual look an edge and definition. By selecting the right colours and design, you can opt for these types of shoes for women for just about any occasion, including formal events. 

4. Mules: Celebrity-Approved Footwear 

Love hopping on the latest fashion trends? If the answer is a resounding yes from you, then you must try mule shoes for women! These backless slip-on shoes have gained popularity worldwide, thanks to celebrities and fashion influencers. Given their distinctive look, comfort, and style quotient, sophistication will be your middle name in these shoes.  

5. Clogs: Essential For Sporty Looks 

Clog shoes are super chic and top the list of fashion accessories in many men’s and women’s wardrobes. Their intriguing and fun design as well as functionality have won the hearts of many. They are lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof, making them essential for beach vacations and poolside parties.      

6. Slides: Voguish & Modish

Slides are the epitome of casual style. They are open-toed flat sandals featuring a single or dual wide strap wrapped above the shoe’s instep. They are minimalistic yet can create a significant impact on your outfit. You can explore these types of shoes for women in many prints and colours, which are occasionally adorned with embellishments, giving you an elaborate look. 

B. Give your Desi Aesthetics an Edge with Ethnic Shoes

Complete your lehenga, saree and traditional suit look with elegance and style in trendy ethnic shoes for women! Here are the top picks from which you can shop for yourself. Your search for the right ethnic footwear ends here! 

7. Mojaris: Elegance & Style in One

This ethnic footwear for women is traditionally crafted by artisans and has been known for its impeccable design and style for decades. Here, the upper body of this closed-toe footwear is made from leather or fabric, which is embroidered or embellished with mirrors, shells, beads, stones, sequins, etc. Some mojari designs are intrinsic and delicate, while others showcase plain or coloured leather with a few add-ons.

8. Kolhapuris: Simple yet Significant Footwear Design

Elevate your kurta-pyjama or jeans look with Kolhapuri chappals. These are open-toed footwear with a one-toe ring that sometimes features a T-strap. Their simple design is elevated using adornments such as stones, tassles, motifs, etc. These give it a detailed and mystical look. 

C. Boss Lady: Classic Formal Shoes

Want to leave a lasting impression at work? If yes, dress up in the following formal shoes for women and get a complete look in your professional ensemble of trousers, shirts, and pencil skirts.

9. Loafers: The Only Dress Shoes You Need

Add a polished vibe to any outfit by sporting a sophisticated pair of loafers. They are easy-to-wear slip-ons and a classic favourite that is surely never going out of style. This makes loafers a worthwhile investment for your casual and formal wardrobe.  

10. Pumps: Never Too Much or Too Many

These closed-toe heel shoes have been a trusted style of formal shoes for women since the beginning of time. They are available in kitten and higher heel heights, so you can opt for the ones you feel comfortable and confident in. You can also find an extended design of these shoes called peep toes, which have a small opening in the front, hence the name.  

D. Enjoy Festivities and Fun in Party Wear Shoes

Special occasions call for special footwear. Don’t you agree? So under the party shoes for women category, we have an impressive selection awaiting you. 

11. Boots: Contemporary Meets Retro

Boots are one of the types of shoes for women that will last you a lifetime. They are sleek, chic, and versatile enough. They extend above or till the ankle or go over the knees, shielding you from the chills of the cold weather. This makes them a winter wardrobe staple. Moreover, you can wear them with mini dresses and outfits where you want to cover your legs in an appealing way.  

12. Heels: The More the Merrier 

Block, platform, wedge, and stiletto heels are some of the most popular kinds of heeled shoes for women. These shoes can transform your whole look and lend you an urbane appeal that is sure to catch all eyes, no matter where you go. Now that you have access to many pairs of stylish heels, are you ready to flaunt your own style in them?

D. Sports Shoes: Keep up With Fitness in Style

Nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goals with our range of sports shoes for women. These exquisite pieces will become your constant companion at the gym. 

13. Sneakers: Best of Functionality & Style

If you are a fitness devotee looking for a highly functional and sturdy pair of shoes for gymming, running, walking, or other physical activities, sneakers are a perfect choice. These types of shoes for women provide a better grip and strength during intense workouts. Plus, they are high on aesthetics, making them useful outside of the gym, too.   

14. Slip-on Walking Shoes: Your New Bestie

Having a long way to walk? Then, sporting a cool and comfortable pair of slip-on shoes makes sense for everyone. They are lightweight, comfy, easy to wear, and sturdy, and do not take a toll on your feet. Printed and colourblocked versions of these types of shoes for women are currently hot in trend, so it’s the right time to invest in them.

Step Forward in Confidence With Diverse Types of Shoes for Women

Now that you are aware about the different types of shoes for women, shine brighter by creating innovative looks and outfits with them. Whether it is aesthetics or comfort, these designs will give you the best of both worlds on more than one occasion. At Mochi Shoes, we greet you with all of the above-mentioned types of shoes for women from renowned brands in India. So rest assured about the quality and longevity of each piece of footwear that you buy on our platform. 


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