Safety Measures taken in Warehouse and Stores.

We are thrilled to re-open our store to serve you awesome styles, we are ensuring every precaution that will keep you safe. We also urge you to do your bit by maintaining social distancing with other customers at the store.

We want to keep you updated about the various safety measures taken at our warehouse and how the products are being handled with all the necessary safety precautions until it reaches the store. And how our stores across India are serving awesomeness along with safety measures.

Our Awesome Team at the warehouse is taking all the necessary safety measures.

At the entrance of the warehouse: –

Before entering the warehouse all our employees and vendors will be screened using the thermal scanner. This thermal scanner detects whether one’s body temperature is normal or not. Also, hand Sanitizers are being placed at every spot right from the entrance. So, before any employee/vendor enters the warehouse, there will be thermal screening done and then sanitize their hands and walk-in.

Use of Mask and Gloves: –

All our employees will be compulsory wearing gloves and face masks throughout their shift. This will help in not inhaling dangerous substances, such as chemicals and infectious particles.

Goods and their safety in the warehouse: –

There will be no loose goods accepted at our warehouse. Goods that are packed in the carton will only be allowed. There are designated zones for loading and unloading the goods when arrived. Also, once the goods are being received in cartons they will be sanitized and placed in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours. The warehouse will be sanitized periodically.

Employees’ safety in the Warehouse: –

There will be a division of teams to ensure a minimum number of employees at any given time. All our employees will be maintaining 3-6 feet of distance from each other. There will be a restriction in movement, in the warehouse with strict instructions. So, that social distancing is maintained.

Safety is the first style that you will see in our store. #YourSafetyFirst is our mantra when you step into our store.

At the Entrance of Store: –

When you step in any of Mochi Store you will be asked to sanitize your hands to make sure you enter with a smile and nothing else. Also, there is a sanitized mat placed at the entrance of the store, so before anyone walks in the store, they have to wipe their shoes.

Our Staff and their Safety: –

Our staffs are well trained regarding the hygiene that needs to be maintained in the store while they are at work. All our staff will be wearing a face mask and hand gloves. They will maintain 3-6 feet distance with their colleagues as well as customers.

In-Store Safety: –

When you enter any of Mochi Store you will see that there are zones marked for your convenience to maintain social distancing. Also, our store will be disinfected at every interval this includes the shoe rack, seats, trail shoes, doors, handles, and keypads. Our swipe machines will be sanitized before and after every use. There will be a deep cleaning of the store done before and after business hours.

Making use of Digital Payment: –

To prevent the spread of #COVID19 through currency notes, let us go digital and make all our payments digitally. All our Mochi Shoes store now accepts digital payment.

We are ready to serve you awesome styles with a clean and sanitized start.  As per the government guidelines and regulations, we have ensured that every safety procedure is met to keep you safe and keep the store hygienic. We want all our customers to #StaySafe and #StayAwesome.