Unveiling the Beauty of Ethnic Shoes: A Journey through Different Styles

The festive season is here! With Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, and Karva Chauth just around the corner, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with traditional clothing and accessories. While clothing continues to be our first concern, ethnic shoes are frequently disregarded. But keep in mind that a great pair of juttis or chappal for kurta pajama with ethnic motifs is all you need to round off the festive look.

Your feet are the most noticeable part and without the best ethnic footwear, your attire will never be complete. The best ethnic festive footwear should flawlessly complement your attire and grab all the attention that you deserve.

Now discover more about the greatest ethnic shoes that you need during the festive season by reading this article in its entirety. You can wear casual shoes too, but as you know, dressing for the event gives us more self-assurance and style.

Are you lacking time? Here is the best brand for festive shoes!

Let’s first learn about the traditional and classic footwear brand before looking at Indian traditional ethnic shoes online.


Are you trying to find the most daring piece of footwear for kurta pajama? For festive occasions, Mochi ethnic shoes have a special zone. Mochi ethnic shoes are one of the greatest ethnic footwear brands in India because they produce ethnic footwear in a variety of variations and styles.

Cultural Significance of Ethnic shoes in Ethnic Outfit

Distinct ethnic shoes have the power to convey messages, tell stories, and even shed light on the wearer’s geographical or social standing. 

For example, Japanese Geta are traditional wooden sandals are known as the balance between natural and man-made elements, a fundamental component of Japanese culture and is represented by these raised ethnic shoes. Indian Juttis, the beautiful ethnic shoes with crafty embroidery and embellishments, are not just a fashion statement; they also portray the country’s rich artisanal inheritance. Turkish Yemeni ethnic shoes, which are handcrafted from premium leather, also highlight the lengthy history of leatherwork in the nation. Mexican Huaraches, the beautifully woven leather sandals, are a symbol of the creativity and resourcefulness who originally made these ethnic shoes out of repurposed materials.

Each of these examples shows the intricate relationship between footwear and cultural expression and emphasizes the necessity of retaining these conventional designs in modern fashion.

The Role of Ethnic Footwear in Completing an Ethnic Look

In traditional rites and celebrations, such as weddings and festivals, particular shoe types frequently play a significant role. These ethnic shoes not only give the event a sense of ethnic authenticity, but they also represent the wearer’s ties to their culture and traditions.

Here are some of them:

  • Pathani ethnic shoes:

Also known as the Peshawari chappal for kurta pajama, which originates from the Pakistani city of Peshawar, pathani shoes are a type of ethnic footwear that is built with a closed toe. Grab the traditional Pathani Ethnic shoes from Mochi for all the grooms for a relaxed but exquisite look.

Style tip: Our pathani slip-ons’ or pathani sandals for kurta pajama delicate features give the conventional sherwani an understatedly stunning touch. They are also known as groom wedding sherwani shoes.

  • Kurta Slippers for men:

For many, it may appear strange to wear traditional Indian clothes with simple slip-on ethnic shoes. Contrary to popular assumption, adding cozy flat slip-ons to your ethnic attire can offer a touch of modernism and increase its adaptability for different events.  Our breezy ethnic footwear for men, the ethnic slip ons, are perfect for providing your feet with the truly essential airflow and comfort. 

Style tip: Put on a neutral-colored Salwar-Kurta outfit. Finally, a fantastic pair of our ethnic slip-ons can help you finish the appearance.

  • Kolhapuri chappals for men and women:

Nothing compares to the classic appeal of our cherished favorites, tan shade kolhapuri flats. These chappals’ biggest selling point is how comfortable they are, with their style factor coming in as a close second. Check out our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Kolhapuri chappal for kurta pajama by Mochi. 

Style tip: It can be worn with either Indian or Western clothing, and it will make you stand out at any function. Given the range of colors available, it can go with any look. Kolhapuri chappal are the best ethnic shoes for ladies who want to avoid wearing ethnic heels yet still look stunning. Kolhapuris would unquestionably enhance your sense of style.

  • Chappals:

In India, ethnic footwear for men and ethnic footwear for women have worn chappals since the dawn of time. Considering this, you are aware that our ethnic chappal for men and women are a surefire way to complete any festive ensemble. 

Style tip: Our assortment can be the most flexible choice if you’re seeking shoes for kurta pajama or any basic Anarkali suit.

  • Mules for men and women:

Mule kurta sandals are a style of shoe without a rear portion or a heel fastening. You wear them like ethnic slipper for men as a result, albeit they frequently have closed toes as opposed to open toes. 

Style tip: It’s time for women to switch into that sharara suit they’ve been waiting to wear all around the year with their beloved chandbalis and get ready to capture that whirling slow-motion photo they’ve been dying to snap by blending this outfit with Mochi ethnic shoes, i.e., mules. Ethnic shoes for men, the mules, can be paired with traditional kurtis, shirt and pants or any other kind of shervani or heavy ethnic outfits.

  • Ballerinas:

Despite the ethnic ballerina’s prim tendencies, it is a versatile dance form that transcends aesthetics and personal tastes. Add just the right level of glitz and glam to your outfit with our ethnic ballet flats, which are available in many colors.  

Style tip: Pair it with a gorgeous kurti and leggings to finish off your festive look. 

  • Mojaris:

Mojari is an ethnic group, and mojari jutti for women are examples of this. These ethnic shoes look gorgeous with every outfit because to the superb stitching and craftsmanship that went into their creation. You unlock a world of fashion options when you purchase mojari from Mochi ethnic shoes online. Our carefully made selection of mojaris ensures that your sense of style is constantly on point by fusing classical charm with modern appeal.

Style tip: Mojaris are exceptional since they go well with any outfit. A midi skirt or a below knee skirt is a great choice to show those gorgeous mojaris.

  • Ethnic Jutis:

Jutti is a historically remarkable and contemporary symbol of Indian descent that symbolizes the alluring culture and traditional footwear! The word “jutti,” originates from the Urdu language, refers to a pair of ethnic shoes with a closed upper and a sole. These quirky, comfortable ethnic shoes are entirely handmade and are versatile.

Style tip: Whether you’re wearing a lovely anarkali, a heavy lehenga, a good suit ethnic outfit, or an attractive saree, these ethnic shoes could be your perfect styling partner. Put on a pair of these ethnic shoes in tan colour with any maxi dress or with ethnic pants as it’s a versatile color. These shoes for kurta pajama will give your western attire a traditional twist.

Ethnic Wedges:

A wedge heel is the ideal festive footwear choice. Wedge heels are a gift from the gods when you want the attitude of a high heel but all the carefree ease of a hardy flat. Our chic wedges will go with you to an upcoming festive season to enhance your style. Show off your personal flair while looking great with these festive ethnic wedge heels for women.

Style tip: Ethnic kaftans with floral or modern printed patterns can be accessorized with an edgy waist belt and purse. When wearing a saree, wedge heels in a complementary hue give the style, height, and structure that are necessary, as well as attractively enhancing the drape of the attire.

Ethnic Block heels:

Block heels for women are a very popular fashion since 2014 and are still the favourite choice for most women. These ethnic shoes are a necessity for any footwear wardrobe because they are useful, comfy, and practical. Experience the very best in quality, style, and comfort at pricing that will put a smile on your face. We cordially encourage you to peruse our ethnic block heels collection and make a statement with each step you take.

Style tip: Lehenga skirts or wide leg sharara pants go well with silk blouses. The block heels will balance and make your ensemble comfy while adding a hint of refinement. Accentuate with an organza dupatta and a potli bag.

Important Tips and Suggestions for Maintaining the Quality and Appearance of shoes ethnic:

  • Shoe Horn

By assisting your foot in sliding into the shoe, a shoe horn is a long, spoon-like object that is used to put on ethnic wear shoes comfortably. By using a shoe horn when putting on your ethnic shoes, you can help avoid injury and extend the life of your ethnic wear shoes. For a range of ethnic wear shoes, including boots, sneakers, and formal ethnic shoes, our shoe horn is ideal. Also, its compact size makes it easy to store in your bag while traveling.

  • Suede Shoe Brush 

After each wear, a suede cleaning brush should be used to help keep your suede footwear for ethnic wear. When cleaning suede after use and fluffing the pile, use a suede cleaning brush. The best way to preserve the beauty of your suede ethnic shoes is with one of our suede brushes. Our high-quality brushes are made to clean and restore the nap of your ethnic shoes, ensuring that they always look their best.

  • Shoe Spray

The cleaning process for your ethnic shoes is simplified and accelerated by shoe protection sprays. Leather creation and preservation are well-known specialties of our company. The special formula of the spray gives your ethnic shoes an extra layer of protection against stains, scuffs, oil, grass, and other things. Extremely versatile, it attaches to suede, leather, felt, cloth, and nubuck with ease. 

  • Shoe Cream

The balance of the leather’s moisture is maintained with an excellent shoe cream, which also gives the leather a healthy appearance. Shoe treatment with wax and pigments can be used to restore faded color and provide a lovely sheen. Our selection of high-quality leather rejuvenation products will ensure that you enjoy your ethnic shoes for many years to come.

Tips For Accessorizing Ethnic shoes

  • You can’t wear a heavy lehenga and be in pain while celebrating, so make sure the ethnic shoes you select combine style and comfort.
  • Choose the appropriate ethnic shoes for you after considering a variety of factors, including size, design, shape, toe shape, heel type, and more.
  • If you have trouble carrying a saree, stay away from wearing high heels because they make it difficult to move.
  • Palazzo pants, dhoti pants, salwar suits, and gowns all look good with mojaris and juttis.
  • To acquire a stunning look, you can also style it with your Indo-Western or Western attire.
  • To maintain your appearance, try to coordinate your footwear with your attire. 
  • Verify that the ethnic shoes you choose will go well with your ensemble. 
  • When it comes to footwear for ethnic wear, choose an embellished or embroidered pattern to give your outfit some flair.
  • To keep it classy and simple, choose traditional colors like brown, black, or red.
  • Use gold or silver patterns and designs for the wedding or reception ceremony.
  • You can spend money on a nice pair of loafers for your wedding because they are a wonderful option for footwear for kurta pajama that you can wear to a wedding celebration and can be worn to other parties and meetings in the future.
  • Footwear for kurta pajama, light brown ethnic slip-on shoes ethnic can be paired with different shades and styles. 
  • You should care while choosing footwear for kurta pajama because a pair of shoddy shoes ethnic can detract from the appeal of even the greatest designer attire.

With our superb footwear for ethnic wear selection, which was created to enhance the grace of every woman’s lovely foot, you can walk with style. Our Mochi traditional shoes have been carefully created with the comfort and luxurious feel during festive season in mind. We believe that walking on clouds feels like how comfortable our premium insole makes you feel. Our mochi ethnic footwear ties back to emotional, picture-perfect moments that add glamor to festive seasons.