Your Perfect pair of Monsoon Shoe and Shoe Care Guide!

The season is here for rain. During the rainy days, you get to play in the rain, cover up yourself, spend all day in bed, drink coffee or tea while watching a movie, and even see a rainbow. Despite us cribbing over the COVID-19 pandemic and staying at home, we can still cherish these little moments of joy.

Not until you remember the unpleasant side that comes with the rainy season, particularly when you need to get out of your home.

Now is the time when you’ve got to store the best of your clothes (especially colorful ones), bags and shoes, as you wouldn’t want to take any risks.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the perfect monsoon pair for yourself and also how you can take care of your leather or Oxford shoes.

Inspect all shoes prior to the rainy season

Make sure you always look out for your shoes (used and unused) before the rain begins. When your shoes are left unattended, it collects damp and dust, and your shoes will be coated with them.

And this is the soot and dust that breed the fungi. Take care of your shoes by washing with a shoe shampoo – Pro Assorted Shoe Care, Shoe Shampoo is simply the best that you can use to wash any of your shoes.

Apply leather conditioner for leather shoes. Try out the Pro Assorted Shoe Care Cream. This Multipurpose conditioner -conditions, nourishes, and enhances the feel of leather. Its delicate action cleans, softens, renews, and polish leather, granting a soft, silky feel with natural brightness.

For smelly shoes, you can use one of our best-selling products, i.e. The Shoe Deo. Pro Assorted Shoe Care, Shoe Deo fights against the fungal and bacterial that builds up in the shoe. Its pleasant fragrance eliminates bad odors and provides long-lasting freshness.

Get Rubber Shoes

Rubber shoes are best for monsoon. They are cheap, easy to come by, and also durable. Get rubber sandals, ballerinas, and flip-flops from Mochi. There is no harm in carrying an extra pair of rubber slippers in your bags or cars. This is an emergency option when the rain starts. But make sure to care for those rubber shoes too.

Get rubber sandals, slippers, or ballerinas that are comfortable and fashionable to blend with your wardrobe. You surely don’t want to miss out on these rainy footwear collections by Mochi. Shop for awesome styles from the house of Crocs, FitFlop, Hotmarzz, and our own super stylish and comfortable Mochi Monsoon Footwear. Here’s another secret these footwear can be easily sanitized at home.

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Powder Them

Powdering your shoes is just an easy way to make your shoes dry, they are no longer moist. We mostly care about the exterior of our shoes, but the interior like the insoles and the wall of your shoes are also to be taken care of. To avoid the decay of the walls of your shoes, sprinkle talcum poser or talcum powder in your shoes from time to time. The powder helps to absorb the moist.

For Muddy Shoes

If your shoe has made on them, let the mud dry, especially if the mud is much. It is easier to remove the mud when it is dry than when it is wet. Scrape off the mud using a brush. Try the Pro Black Shoe Care Brush. This brush works both on suede and Nubuck leathers. It helps in removing dust and dirt. The unique design helps in cleaning the sole edge and welt.

Types of Shoes and their care

Leather Shoes: Remove the insole (it is like a shoe pad) and the shoelaces. Use a sponge, warm water, and shoe shampoo wash the shoes. Wash the shoes with clean water, then air dry it.

Wet Suede Shoe: Some brogues and other types of shoes come as suede. Do not try in the sunlight as the harshness of the sun can shrink the shoe. Stuff old newspaper inside the shoe and use old newspapers to wrap it. This would soak the excess water, then air dry it afterward.

Sneakers and Sports Shoes: It’s very important to clean your sneakers or sports shoe if you are wearing them during the rainy season. We have specially crafted a kit that consists of A brush, Pro Cleaning Shampoo, and Pro Shoe Deo. This kit will surely help you with cleaning and giving a pleasant fragrance that lasts longer.


Take Care of Your Foot

It’s important to take care of your foot during the rainy season. If left undried there will be changes of getting Anti-fungal or bacterial infection. Thus, it’s necessary to keep your feet dry. We recommend you use Zeolite Herbal Foot Spray, it’s a non-greasy and non-slippery. It not only protects you from fungal infections but also helps in removing dead skin, anti-rashes, eczema, it also helps in healing and softening cracked heels.

For better output of your shoe cleaning, remove the laces and insoles. You can also air dry them too. Don’t forget to always have your umbrella with you when going out. The rain is unpredictable, so always have it. Stay Awesome with Mochi Shoes.