Your Ultimate Guide to Crocs: Everything You Need to Know

Crocs have been an iconic piece of footwear for a long time now. A symbol of comfort and quality, this brand has always focused on delivering the right mix of comfort and flair. From their humble start as a name known for their boat shoe design, today they’re a worldwide phenomenon. But have you ever wondered what makes this brand so amazing? Let’s dive into the history of Crocs to understand what makes them a cult classic. 

Who invented Crocs: A brief history 

Behind the story of Crocs is the story of three friends: Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, Scott Seamans, and George Boedecker. The trio had the novel idea of bringing to life a pair of shoes that had some really unique qualities. With water resistance, a feather-light design and the capability to resist odor, these shoes were aimed to be perfect for use around water. They even came up with a patented material called Croslite. 

When they showcased themselves during a boat exhibition in Florida, they quickly gained a lot of attention from the attendees thanks to how cozy and practical the design was. It quickly outgrew this initial craze and grew into a cult favorite in footwear, showcasing a remarkable ability for adapting to the market and innovating within in. 

How to identify original Crocs? 

Thanks to how popular they are, the question of how to identify original Crocs is usually on the mind of every Crocs buyer. But we’ve got your back, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Check for the logo: The iconic Crocs logo should be clear and sharp on the body. 
  2. Croslite material: Authentic crocs are made from a unique resin known as Croslite, which gives it the signature softness and makes it skin friendly. 
  3. Barcode: Genuine Crocs are marked by a unique barcode on the sole or the tag. 

Why are Crocs so popular? 

For those who are not sure why Crocs is famous, it might be a bit difficult to figure it out by yourself. After all, what makes this brand so special? It’s a combination of several factors: 

  • Great Comfort and Adaptability: One of their biggest USPs is the cozy fit and a wide variety of options. 
  • Proprietary Croslite Construction: With ample cushioning and arch support, Croslite makes these pieces ideal for all day use. 
  • Easy to clean: You can quickly wash them off, making them perfect for use cases like gardening and maintenance.  
  • Water Resistance and Easy Cleaning: Their ability to resist water and be easily cleaned adds to their practicality. 
  • Cultural Icon through Partnerships: Crocs have tapped into a fashion-forward market through limited-edition collaborations and celebrity endorsements. 
  • Customization with Jibbitz: Offers customization through Jibbitz and a variety of colors, allowing for personal expression among all ages. 
  • Continued Popularity: The combination of comfort, utility, and customization keeps Crocs stylish and in demand. 

How to Wear Crocs Fashionably? 

If you’ve been meaning to try Crocs but were struggling with how to wear Crocs in a fashionable way, we’ve got your back. Thanks to their unique design, Crocs can practically be worn with everything in your wardrobe for a variety of reasons of events. To understand how to style Crocs, try going with the tried and tested denim trousers and t-shirt combination with a pair of classic clogs. 

However, in case you’re looking to make a more memorable impression, an easy answer to how to style crocs is to use interesting socks. This makes your look unique while also making you more comfortable. Similarly, if a beach plan is on the cards, pair your favourite Crocs with shorts and a flowy top for a comfy look. 

Ultimately, personalize your look with Jibbitz charms to make every outfit unique. 

How should Crocs fit?

Crocs, just like any other piece of footwear, should fit you comfortably. That’s the answer to how should Crocs fit. By design, they allow extra legroom up front to ease blood flow. To know if you’re wearing the right size, check if your heel slides out when you walk. 

A space of half inch at the back and the front is enough to keep you comfy. Crocs slippers are designed for a snugger fit, while Crocs clogs are known to be roomy. Additionally, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll use socks or not. 

How to clean Crocs for longevity? 

If you take good care of your Crocs, they will stay brand new for years to come. To do that you need to know how to clean Crocs. We’ll help you with that.  

  • Shake off loose dirt with a soft brush or a gentle shake. 
  • Then, use cold water and mild soap for a regular wash (especially if they have no lining – Croslite can be washed easily). 
  • For stubborn stains, use a soft bristled brush with soapy water in circular motions. Even a magic eraser can be useful. 
  • Always air dry to prevent warping. 

Are Crocs worth it? 

The short answer: Yes. 

If you’re asking yourself: are Crocs worth it, the answer can be found in many factors that Crocs is great with: durability, comfort, and adaptability to name a few. The Croslite design means that they deliver more value for your money. On top of that, the versatile design makes it useful for many use cases. 

Thanks to their wide range, they can be used by people of all ages. For those who want comfortable and practical footwear for their daily lives, Crocs is definitely worth it. 


Now that you know all about Crocs, starting from their unique origins to how to clean Crocs for long-lasting use. Now, it is time for you to get your own – after all, you’re practically an expert on them now! Experience a world of comfort and practicality you’re your next pair of Crocs – whether it is a clog, a slipper or more. And to make them truly yours, don’t forget to try out the Jibbitz accessories too! Share your favorite Crocs style in the comments section below.