Exploring Different Types of Sneakers: A Comprehensive Guide 

Picture this: you’re heading out of your home for any of the following reasons: a morning run, a casual hangout, heading to work, going out shopping or even just a quick grocery run. When you reach into your shoe wardrobe, the chances that you’re grabbing a pair of sneakers are quite high. There are few footwear types as versatile as sneakers. While there are different types of sneakers available in the market, they all have a loyal fan following to the point where it has birthed its own subculture – sneakerheads! Read on to find out all you need to know about sneakers, starting from how they received their unique name. 

What defines sneakers, and how have they evolved over time? 

Due to their simple design, there’s some debate around when exactly the first sneakers were created. Some attribute their origin to the ‘sand shoes’ from Liverpool in 1830s, some refer to the tennis shoes of the 1860s-70s as the OG types of sneakers. However, the naming ‘sneakers’ is attributed to the fact that these shoes were quieter compared to the hard-soled standard shoes of the time. 

Initially, sneakers started off quite basic with standard rubber soles. Eventually, different kinds of sneakers were developed, such as one with grooved soles for additional grip – preferred by the British Army. Even spiked sneaker styles were developed for sports. The first basketball sneaker types were developed as early as 1907 by the US company Spalding. Eventually, all types of sneakers grew in popularity around the 1950s as more athletes started wearing them on the court and field. 

By the time the 1990s came around, sneakers were no longer just an athletic aid. All kinds of sneaker shoes were now seen as a fashion statement. Every sport now had its own special sneaker types. The age of the sneaker had truly arrived. 

Top Sneaker Styles: Exploring Their Different Looks & Uses 

While you might feel that all types of sneakers are good to have, depending on your use case there might be specific kinds of sneaker shoes that would be a good choice for you. Whether you’re looking for men shoes or women shoes, you can choose from the various sneaker styles available, such as: 

  1. High top sneakers: 

    Suitable for a variety of use cases, these sneaker styles cover your ankles better and can be suitable for basketball, skateboarding and even casual use.

    1. Running shoes:

     Perhaps the most widespread type among all types of sneakers, running shoes are designed to provide ample support to different parts of your foot while you run. 

    1. Basketball sneakers: 

    Designed to support rapid on-court movement like cutting and jumping, basketball sneaker types come with enhanced cushioning for athletic support. 

    1. Tennis sneakers:

    Tennis players require ample lateral support and toe support on the court, and that’s what tennis sneakers are designed to provide. They also feature robust soles designed to withstand the long matches. 

    1. Slip on sneakers: 

    A popular style for men comfort shoes, slip-on sneakers are designed for ease of use, providing a lace-free experience. These types of sneakers are widely used as walking shoes.  

    1. Canvas sneakers: 

    Often also known as skateboarding shoes, canvas sneaker styles are designed with a fabric upper which makes them breathable. They are very popular among custom sneaker enthusiasts across the world. 

    1. Retro style sneakers: 

    Among different types of sneakers, there’s a common option that never goes wrong – retro styles. These consist of popular sneaker styles from across the history of sneakers that have always been bestsellers. We see a lot of new brands reviving their old popular styles to provide more retro sneakers to their customers. 

    Regardless of which kinds of sneaker shoes you think is right for you, choosing a pair for yourself is not just about the look. In the next section, we will explore how you can choose the right sneaker styles for you. 

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Sneaker Type 

    Regardless of which kinds of sneaker shoes you like by their looks, you need to pick the right one for yourself for a comfortable experience. Here’s how to do that: 

    1. Know your feet: Before anything else, it is important to know your foot type to get the right sneaker styles for you. Get your feet checked at a podiatrist or a footwear store that provides foot analysis services. Depending on whether you have flat feet or require arch support, you might need to buy specialised sneaker types. 
    1. Know your use-case: The second most important thing to consider when choosing between different kinds of sneakers is what you’ll be using them for. For instance, if running is your activity of choice, you’ll need running shoes with good cushioning. For skateboarding, you should prefer flat soled shoes for better board control. 
    1. Know your fit: Quite often, when choosing all types of sneakers, we just look for a particular size. It is very important to try out the sneaker types you like to ensure that it’s a snug fit and doesn’t make your legs hurt. There should be enough room for your toes to move around but not for your heels to come out. 
    1. Know your style: Once you’ve ensured all your basic needs are met, you can consider different kinds of sneakers within a particular sneaker style such as high-top, low-top, graphic-detailing, lace-up or slip-ons etc. Choose the style that goes best with your personal preferences. 
    1. Know the durability: One very important factor to consider for all types of sneakers is what they’re made of. Along with determining how comfortable they’d be, the materials of the sneaker types you choose determine how long they’ll stay in good shape in your wardrobe. 

    Essential Tips for Keeping Your Sneakers in Top Condition 

    Even the best sneaker styles in the world will require good care to stay in their best shape for you. Don’t worry, it’s not a very complicated thing to achieve. Just follow these steps: 

    1. Clean them from the start: Don’t wait for them to get dirty, take care of your favourite sneaker styles from day one. 
    1. Be regular: Don’t wait for them to get dirty to clean them each time. Rather, pick a schedule for cleaning the various types of sneakers in your wardrobe and stick to it. 
    1. Keep them dry: After wearing your sneakers in wet or humid conditions, use readily accessible newspapers to stuff them. This helps prevent mold and water damage. 
    1. Store them well: Your sneakers should be kept away from direct sunlight and water to prevent long term damage due to improper storage. 
    1. Invest in good products: Choose high quality shoe-care products for the different kinds of sneakers in your wardrobe to ensure they stay in top condition. 


    If you’ve read until this point, congratulations! Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to choose the right sneakers for you and keep them in peak condition for a long time. If you’re looking for some good options to choose from, check out Mochi for great sneaker styles for everyone.